Sensing Elements

Several sensing elements

While QTI excels in integrating our sensing elements into temperature probe assemblies, sometimes customers need discrete sensing elements. Whether you require PCB mountable thermistors (or RTDs), mini/micro thermistors for ultra-fast time response or just a standard thermistor, we have the solution you require. From precision sensors designed around the biological temperature range (=25C to +50C) to sensors designed for the extremes of space (-200C to +200C), our vast understanding of sensor applications allows us to move from design to prototype and production efficiently for time sensitive needs.

QTI has the expertise to be an integral part of your design process, from engineering to validation and manufacturing. If you can dream it, we can build it. Contact us today to learn more about QTI’s wide range of custom solutions.

Additional Information

QTI’s sensing elements are custom designed for the most critical sensing needs. Our sensing elements are widely utilized in aerospace and defense as well as medical applications where precision is of the utmost importance.

To learn more about our in-depth testing and applications you can visit the precision instrumentation page.

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