Product Overview

Surface Mount Platinum RTD

100 ohm and 100 ohm DIN standard RTD elements are available in surface mount design. The 1206 and 805 SMD chips have accuracies of 1/3 degree at 0°C and can be used from -50°C to + 130°C. They are supplied in tape and reel packaging for large volume pick and place assembly and are reliable for applications that require long time stability and interchangeability.

Engineering Information

  • RTD chip
  • Operating temperature range: -50°C to 130°C
  • 100 ohm, 500 ohm, 1,000 ohm RTD elements available
  • TCR 3850 ppm/k (DIN EN 60751)
  • Class B = F0.3
  • Class 2B= F0.6
  • Long-term stability = R0-Drift 0.06% after 1000Hrs at 150°C
  • Self heating = 0.8 K/mW at 0°C
  • Response time 0.05 seconds in moving water at a velocity of 0.4 meters per second at t0.5
  • Response time 0.15 seconds in moving air at a velocity of 2 meters per second at t0.9

Documents and Catalogs

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