QTMC Series

QTI’s bare leaded NTC precision thermistors are an ideal solution for low cost temperature measurement in the range of –55°C and 150°C.  Their small size allows for PC board mounting as well as for potting into enclosures.

Engineering Information

  • Available in a variety of wire types and lengths
  • Typical wire sizes: # 26 to #30 AWG
  • Leads: Kynar, PVC, Teflon, tin-plated copper
  • Resistance values: from 100 ohms to 9.8 M ohms
  • Temperature range: -55˚C to 155˚C
  • Typical Time Constant: 8 seconds max in still air*
  • Typical Dissipation Constant: 2mW/˚C in still air*
  • RoHS compliant options available

* Depends on mounting

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