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Dear Valued Customer,

As you are aware, a number of states have announced a “shelter in place” or similar order that apply to all businesses in that state other than Essential Businesses.  These orders list “Essential Business” who are permitted and expected to continue operating normally, and further exempt suppliers to Essential Businesses. Businesses must self-determine whether they fall under the guidelines set forth in the orders.

We at CTS have conducted a review of our operations and have determined that we operate Essential Business manufacturing facilities as a key and critical supplier of components for use in applications ranging from medical supply chain/communications/transportation/defense and other industries that rely on us for solutions to today’s problems. 

As such, it is critical for CTS and QTI Sensing Solutions to remain open to continue to support our customers and are diligently working and coordinating with our suppliers to ensure minimal impact to supply chain. 

As the situation continues to unfold rapidly, we will be providing updates should there be any changes. Thank you for your support during these dynamic times and may you and your teams remain safe and vigilant.

Yours sincerely,

Brandon Coleman
QTI Sensing Solutions
Vice President

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