Product Overview

QTSSP Swage Series

The durable QTSSP waterproof swaged probe is an ideal temperature sensor for the harsh environments found in a variety of HVAC & refrigeration applications. These applications often see dramatic temperature swings and large amounts of moisture that, over time, can cause temperature sensors to fail. The QTSSP sensor’s design overcomes these challenges through a swaged end that provides strain relief and water resistance. Additionally, the sensor’s metal housing gives it fast thermal response time.

Engineering Information

  • NTC thermistor assembly
  • Robust sensor for a broad range of sensing applications
  • Swaged end provides cable strain relief and improves moisture resistance
  • QTl-manufactured thermistor provides unrivaled accuracy, stability and reliability
  • Optional mounting clips available in a variety of sizes
  • Ideal for industrial applications where response time is critical
  • Waterproof rating to IP68

Documents and Catalogs

QTSSP Datasheet – HVAC/R