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The DirectTemp® DTU6001-001 USB thermometer is a robust, stainless steel probe ideal for measuring the temperature of liquid-filled tanks or vats. Designed as a direct replacement for a traditional dial thermometer, it features a 2”-long probe and a 0.5” NPT housing made from food-grade 316 stainless steel. The USB housing connects to 10’ of easy-to-clean PVC cable.

Product Description

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DTU6001-001 Datasheet


DirecTemp Specifications

A high-precision thermistor is combined with a 14-bit analog to digital converter and a simple USB communication interface to capture real-time temperature data. The DirecTemp® device can communicate either as a Human Interface Device which auto installs to interface with the DirecTemp® data logging software, or as a virtual serial port with which custom or third party software may be used. DirecTemp® probes are calibrated in QTI’s metrology laboratory and can be re-calibrated and returned to service for extended life.The absolute accuracy and repeatable precision of the DirecTemp® USB temperature acquisition system will become invaluable to your most critical application.


  • Up to 0.1°C absolute accuracy
  • Up to 0.01 resolution
  • Chooose probe style, cable length, and critical temperature point
  • PC powered, no batteries
  • Temperature range: -55°C to 150°C with proper probe selection
  • RoHS Compliant


*User specified single point temperature and tolerances available.
Warning: Do not use in human life support applications.
This device is not designed nor intended to operate in situations where human injury will result in the event of a failure.