QTLC Series

The QTI interchangeable NTC precision thermistor offers industry standard 3 inch long #32 AWG (0.0075 inch) bare leads.  The designation name “interchangeable” is given to precision thermistors which have ultra-tight tolerances guaranteed to track a specific resistance-temperature curve.

Engineering Information

  • Typical wire size: # 32 AWG
  • Power rating: 0.25 W at 25˚C, derate to 0 W at 125˚C
  • Temperature range: -55˚C to 155˚C
  • Typical Time Constant: 8 seconds max in still air*
  • Typical Dissipation Constant: 2mW/˚C in still air*
  • RoHS compliant options available

* Depends on mounting

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