Product Overview

QTIP68 Series

QTI’s QTIP68 Series of parts combines a highly stable precision thermistor encapsulated with an extremely durable waterproof housing. The probe is ideal for applications that require sensors at an IP68 waterproof rating. The temperature sensor offers excellent performance during harsh freeze thaw cycles. QTIP68 overmolded probes are a great solution where waterproof and moisture resistance is critical to corrosion prevention.

Engineering Information

  • Double insulated thermoplastic rubber
  • Cable color and thermistor resistance values able to be customized
  • Ideal for harsh freeze/thaw cycles
  • Optional clip mount for easy installation
  • RoHS compliant
  • Ruggedized housing, corrosion-resistant cable
  • Waterproof rating to IP68
  • Tested to over 30,000 freeze-thaw cycles
  • FDA 21 CFR Rated
  • Choose from the following sensing elements: NTC thermistor, RTD, or thermocouple

Documents and Catalogs

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