Product Overview

ESA4006 Series

QTI Sensing Solutions, as an American Manufacturer has not been approved as an EPPL Part 1 manufacturer. However, QTI is EPPL Part 2 recognized for the S-311-P18 and S-311-P827 series of Space Grade thermistor elements.

In addition to EPPL Part 2 recognition; QTI continues to manufacture temperature sensors equivalent to those specified in the ESA EPPL Part 1 for both current and discontinued Detail Specifications.

QTI is able to directly cross the Resistance vs. Temperature Characteristic and meet the performance requirements, screening, qualification testing, and lot acceptance criteria for sensor assemblies specified in the current ESA 4006 Generic Specification as well as current and inactive ESA 4006 Detail Specifications.

QTI continues to support many mission critical applications for OEM’s in Europe. Our focus on product quality, on-time delivery, and customer service will ensure you have the sensors and support you need for your mission critical project.

Engineering Information

  • NTC thermistor assembly
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to 175°C
  • Standard resistance range at 25°C: 50k and 100k ohms
  • Interchangeable tolerances to +/- 0.5°C (0°C to 70°C)
  • Acceptable for use in NASA space programs specifying quality level (Grade) 1 parts
  • Available with Sn/Pb or gold terminations
  • Meets Level 1 Classification per EEE-INST-002
  • Single lot traceability

Documents and Catalogs

ESA4006 Series – Aerospace & Defense

QTI maintains an extensive test laboratory, designed with defense and aerospace customers in mind. This test lab is ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 Revision B certified. We are qualified to perform all tests dictated by the Department of Defense, Defense Logistics Agency MIL-PRF-23648, and MIL-PRF-32192 specifications. In addition we have the facilities to perform many of the tests specified in MIL-STD-202, MIL-STD-883, NASA Goddard S-311-P-18 and S-311-P-827, EEE-INST-002, TOR-2006, ESA 4006, and MIL-PRF-38534 Class K and H Element Evaluation tests.