Product Overview

6038 Series

QTI’s 6038 Series of bottle probes is ideal for monitoring the temperature of liquids in cold storage including those that need to be monitored for the fermentation process. This series features a sterile stainless-steel housing with an air-tight rubber stopper which prevent aeration or harmful contaminants. QTI can customize these sensors in a variety of ways. Sensor resistance values and accuracy, as well as cable length and color are all able to be specified.

Engineering Information

  • NTC thermistor assembly
  • Typical wire size: #24 to #28 AWG, coil cord
  • Housing material: stainless steel
  • Integral rubber stopper for inserting into bottles; provides a secure fit to prevent contamination
  • Ideal for temperature monitoring in wine storage and other refrigerated applications

Documents and Catalogs

6038 Series Datasheet

6038 Series Datasheet – Food Service