Product Overview

6028 Series

The 6028 Series of handheld temperature probes is ideal for spot inspections in food service applications that require the testing of food temperature to ensure safety standards. These handheld NTC assemblies can be customized to meet any food service application in terms of handle material, molded strain relief, and tip diameter. QTI’s 6028 Series features food-grade 316 stainless steel housings to ensure each probe meets food safety standards. QTI can customize these sensors in a variety of ways. Sensor resistance values and accuracy as well as handle material and cable/probe length are all able to be specified.

Engineering Information

  • NTC thermistor assembly
  • Ideal for spot inspections
  • Typical wire/cable sizes #18 to #28 AWG, leads can be either straight or coiled
  • Food-grade 316 stainless steel housing with 1/8’ thick pointed tip
  • Handle material can be specified as machined plastic or metal
  • molded strain relief available

Documents and Catalogs

6028 Series Datasheet

6028 Series Datasheet – Food Service