Product Overview

6004 Series

The 6004 Food Service Series of stainless steel flange thermistor probes is an ideal choice for air, liquid or gas temperature measurement. These sensors are available in a variety of sizes and flange shapes, with open or closed tips, and with or without brazed flanges. The flanged mount design allows for easy installation in tight areas. This series can be used in mechanical rooms, pipes, ducts, and immersion installations to provide accurate temperature measurements. Mounting flange is pre-drilled with a #6 hole to provide easy installation.

Engineering Information

  • Flange can be screwed or riveted in place
  • Typical wire sizes: #22 to #28 AWG
  • Stainless steel flanged housing
  • Available in multiple lead and connector configurations
  • RoHS compliant options available

Documents and Catalogs

6004 Series Datasheet – Food Service