Product Overview

6001 Series

The 6001 Boilers and Water Heating Series is QTI’s industrial sensor line for use in a wide variety of liquid immersion applications. These temperature sensors are designed for the most rigorous applications and are ideally threaded into industrial boilers to detect or control water temperature and/or function as a safety device to shut down the heater in critical applications. This series can be completely customized to meet OEM requirements for probe length, housing material, sensor type, and connector type.

Engineering Information

  • Integrated connector design for reliability and ease of installation
  • Moisture resistant
  • Housing material options: stainless steel, brass, or nickel
  • Sensor housing is completely customizable to meet OEM mounting, connection and performance requirements
  • Choose from the following sensing elements: (NTC thermistor, RTD, thermostat, thermocouple)
  • Fast thermal time response to maximize system efficiency
  • Optional duplex sensors for redundancy
  • UL rated
  • RoHS compliant options available

Documents and Catalogs

6001 Series Datasheet – Boilers & Water Heating