Frequently Asked Questions

Will this USB temperature sensor work in Windows?

Yes, it is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit systems, and works in Windows versions XP, Vista, 7, and 8.

What is the DirecTemp’s response time?

Electrically it is 250 ms minimum recommended measurement for PnP. Use stream mode on a Serial probe for ~12 samples per second. Thermal response time will vary depending on the selected probe and its thermal mass and the dissipation of the medium in which it is placed.

Will this USB temperature sensor work with a smart phone or PDA?

It might work if the device has a host A jack. We have used the device with Windows Mobile 5 and 6 with a host USB or a compact flash to USB host adapter. The DirecTemp has not yet been demonstrated operational with USB OTG and the mini AB plug on most dual purpose phone USB jacks.

Is this device USB 2.0?

The DirecTemp is USB Full Speed which is USB 1.1, but USB 2.0 compatible. This is sufficient for sending characters for temperature measurement.

What is the longest cable length I can get?

We have successfully built and accurately tested a device with 130 feet of cable between the USB connector and the probe.

Are these devices susceptible to EMI?

If the wire between the USB plug and the probe are shielded and twisted, the effect will be minimized, but the effects are field dependent. If you need further information, please contact QTI.

Can DirecTemp probes be recalibrated?

Yes, QTI recalibrates DirecTemp probes. NIST-traceable calibration certificates are available if requested. Contact QTI for more information.

Can I talk to this device with my own software or integrate this device in my own system?

Yes, if the DirecTemp is plugged into a USB host jack. Visit the temperature software download page to get the API and some example code.

Will this device work in Labview?

No, not like the Serial device will. There is a process of “hijacking” the device with a custom driver in Labview, but installing that driver will remove the ability to have the probe interface with the DirecTemp software. This driver can be removed and the probe functionality restored. Using the Plug and Play probe with Labview is not currently supported, and QTI cannot offer help for this approach. If you get it to work reliably please let us know; we would love to find out how you did it!

How do I talk to this probe in Linux?

Use the Minicom. The device will show up as TTYACMX, where X is the 0 based number in the order it was plugged in.

How do I talk to this probe in Mac?

Use a terminal program and find the virtual serial port.

Will this USB temperature sensor work in older versions of Linux?

The device does not enumerate properly in kernel 2.4 series without extra drivers. Most newer 2.6 kernel distros will enumerate the developer probe as a valid serial port.

Is the Serial probe a USB or serial device?

The Serial probe is a USB device that “acts” like a serial device and communicates through a serial port the software creates, but is not a physical plug.

How does DirecTemp work in Labview?

Labview’s VISA serial server works with the device just as if it were a physical serial port.

Does it work with Labview in Linux?

We have not tried this, but if you can get Labview to communicate with a TTY device, then it should work.