QTI’s QT0805 surface mount PTC precision thermistors are an ideal solution for temperature compensation networks.  The patented design features Leach Guard™ terminations which are able to withstand many of today’s modern automated assembly and soldering processes. Standard EIA sizing allows for tape and reel packaging designed for automated placement equipment.  Contact QTI for information regarding our SMD engineering kit.

Engineering Information

  • Standard EIA 0805 package size
  • Positive temperature coefficient: 0.7%/˚C
  • Operating temperature range: -55˚C to 100˚C
  • Typical Dissipation Constant: 2.5mW/˚C min. in still air
  • Typical Time Constant: 30 seconds max in still air
  • Tolerances: 1%, 2%, 5%, 10%
  • Power rating: 0.250 Watts at 25˚C derated to 100˚C
  • Resistance values from 22 ohms to 36k ohms
  • Available with gold or silver terminations
  • Available waffle packed or tape and reel

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